Five New and Successful Brands on Shopify

Not all the brands on Shopify are well-known brands in the physical world. There are many digital start-ups with great success stories on the platform. They provide us with excellent lessons for our journey through E-Commerce. Let’s take a look at five of them which are among the most successful start-ups of Shopify.


Allbirds says it has the world’s most comfortable shoes. While this proclamation may be debatable, no one can deny the brand’s quick success. Established as a start-up in 2016, After its wool sneakers had been made famous on Kickstarter, Allbirds started selling them on its Shopify website. Allbirds soared over the retail and reached a billion-dollar valuation just two years after its opening. Now with the help of Shopify Plus and Shopify POS, it has widened its business outside of the digital world, with more than 20 stores globally.

From its opening, Allbirds has aimed to reduce its product’s carbon footprint. This means they want to make and sell products without leaving any trace at all. They use eco-friendly materials such as wool, tree, and sugar. In addition to them are Trino and TrinoXO, which are made through the combination of tree and merino. In contributing to the stand against climate change, Allbirds continues to reach its aim with diligence. The company has reported that they have reduced their average product carbon footprint by %12 in 2021, compared to 2020. Their plan includes cutting the company’s carbon footprint in half by the end of 2025, and near to %0 by 2030. Such principles have greatly contributed to the brand’s popularity.



Starting as a fitness apparel and accessories brand from a garage in the UK in 2012, Gymshark was originally a start-up that use the E-Commerce platform Magento. After Magento’s disastrous Black Friday crash that caused it to go offline for many hours, Gymshark relocated its services to Shopify Plus. 

As a 19-year-old with little to no online experience, Ben Francis launched Gymshark and perfected it from absolutely nothing. At first, Gymshark was generating a couple of hundred dollars every day but the demand spiked when Francis introduced his company at a popular trade show. He managed to get roughly $42,000 in a single day.

Since relocating to Shopify Plus, the company has achieved millions of pounds in sales every year, gathered millions of followers on social media, and became one of the fastest-growing global fitness and apparel brands. As of 2021, the brand had a value of 1.4 billion dollars. Francis’ hard-working attitude and his desire for perfection of his brand’s products have carried Gymshark to the top of the popularity charts of fitness apparel and accessories brands.



Born from the needs of British surfers who are in a constant fight with the waters surrounding the British Isles, Finisterre has been designing sustainable outdoor apparel for over a decade. Since moving to Shopify Plus, Finisterre gained popularity through the quality of its products and its devotion to our planet’s well-being.

The brand was granted a B-Corp certificate for its social and environmental performance as a for-profit company. As the first outdoor clothing company in the UK to get the B-Corp certificate, Finisterre emphasizes meeting social sustainability and environmental performance standards and improving its apparel in line with such principles.


Kylie Cosmetics

When American celebrity Kylie Jenner launched her Shopify store, it was the only way to access her products because there were no wholesales or offerings of them in a physical location. This unity in the product source proved its success from time to time. Back in 2016, the website handled over 200K visitors all at once during one of the biggest product launches in history.

Kylie’s preferences of style and design of her products gained many praises while Kylie Cosmetics continued to grow its popularity through Shopify. Yet in November 2016, Jenner announced she wants to take her brand a step forward by opening a pop-up of her online brand with the help of the Shopify team. After some time, fans of the brand were flocking to Westfield Mall in Los Angeles to get their hands on the products they love, fully physically this time. This experience showed that the digital world has no boundaries that can limit Shopify’s efforts.




Getting its name from the expression “Niiiice”, NICCE was opened as a start-up from East London. The brand has established itself as a unisex brand that designs the latest streetwear and apparel for street-savvy girls and boys. NICCE defines itself as 'A lifestyle movement inspired by London’s culture and emerging music scenes.'. The brand’s uniqueness helped it become one of Shopify’s most popular brands. Its Shopify website challenges the exclusivity of street style and brings contemporary, clean-cut, and minimal designs to everyone.

NICCE sees connecting with its audience as of utmost importance. The company has launched NICCE AnyWear as a community expansion to strengthen such ties.


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